Welcome to the land of Eseltraia, a mysterious continent shared by many peoples in different traditions … dominated by a powerful but archaic Orc Empire but where many nations rise.

Fury: outburst control is an alternating activation skirmish game that offers you the opportunity to fight in this exceptional universe.

Manipulating the energies of anger, take the lead of patrols from 3 to 10 miniatures for ultra-fast game in 150 points or more numerous groups in sizes up to 300 points Patrol. Using wisely the potential of your officers, accumulate the Fury points to make them relax devastating fighting techniques. Learn how to handle different combat postures adapted to each situation in order to best achieve your goals.

Fury: outburst control play preferably on a 60×60 cm gaming table. The game rules and maps and scenario being available for free download on this website, you just have to take your tape, your D10 and your models to begin.

Fast, lethal and full of surprise, Fury: outburst control opens its doors ….